Burtland Granvil RA, LEED AP

Burtland Granvil RA, LEED AP – Treasurer


Burtland is a registered architect, of Haitian heritage, with over 15 years of experience relevant to all aspects of design, production and construction work in the US, and another two years of design and construction management experience in Port-au-Prince, Haiti.  Within the US, his career experiences have spanned various project types, from school building roof replacements, to renovating NYC Transit underground pump rooms, and a variety of other project types in between. Burtland’s responsibilities have included construction administration & oversight, resolving work discrepancies, developing practical construction details, product testing & procurement, evolving office drafting standards, quality control review of bid packages and construction documents.  In performing these tasks, he became accustomed to playing the liaison role between architects, owners, clients, contractors, vendors and various municipalities.  Burtland is also familiar with communicating to local, County and State review boards in pursuit of project approvals. Currently, he is one of three Directors of Construction for Suffolk County Community College in New York.



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