FAS – Aquin Park Design

Park Overview- Looking North

HIBISCUS collaborated with FAS to design a park for its community. FAS is an organization established by citizens of Aquin, Haiti to bring together individuals and resources for the development of their town by promoting policies and practices that foster brotherhood, civility, citizenship and better understanding and protection of the environment.

We have provided both conceptual design and design development to create a multi-purpose park in the existing Place d’Armes, Aquin’s public square, to meet the needs of the community.  The existing square suffered from years of neglect and aside from the large music festival which takes place in Aquin once a year, the square remains barren. The proposed design includes a permanent stage for concerts and films, a large open area, tree-lined paths, a botanical garden, and areas of recreation and respite for the public to congregate and enjoy throughout the year.


Institute of Conscious Global Change (ICGC) St. Raphael Report

Aerial View of St Raphael Development Model

HIBISCUS conducted an urban planning study of the town of St Raphael, Haiti for ICGC, an organization dedicated to using Geographic Information System (GIS) to provide sustainable development solutions and a path to implement the United Nations 2030 Sustainable Development goals. Through survey of existing conditions, data collection, photographs, analysis of existing infrastructure and resources, and online mapping tools, we proposed a virtual development of the city showing projected growth in the next 10, 20 and 50 years. Find more on this project at ICGC’s online Document Library.

ICGC maintains Special Consultative Status with the Economic and Social Council in the United Nations.



Memorial Project

Memorial Park 1

To honor and remember the victims of the 2010 earthquake, HIBISCUS proposed a network of national commemorative parks consisting of ten memorial sites (one in each department). Each site shall consist of a memorial park where a symbolic tree will be planted in remembrance of each victim. 300,000 trees in total are proposed to be planted on the ten sites representing the 300,000 people who lost their lives in the earthquake. Our goal is to commemorate the tragic loss of lives, encourage an environmental awakening in Haiti that will promote reforestation to foster an environmental transformation.

Using modeling software (in this case CityEngine) and applying Geodesign principles, we can identify areas where sustainable growth can occur within an area. This growth can then be projected using both the population growth rate and actual planned developments. That means services and infrastructure can be designed for new population growth. Local professionals, government officials and citizens can all view and use the same information in order to not only plan for the future, but also to keep development accountable.


Chantal Community Center

Hibiscus is partnering with Gedeon Empowerment Project to create a new community center for the town of Chantal, located near Les Cayes, Haiti. The program includes job training center, clinic, after school program and assembly space for events. Hibiscus visited Chantal in November 2017 to assist G.E.P. in identifying and surveying lands appropriate for the project.




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